Easily Create and Catalog Your Notes
notepiler 6.4 is a remarkably unique and swift, multimedia memo compiler for your iPhone. Quickly capture and compile neat stacks of audio clips, maps, typed notes, and full screen photos. Catalog all your notables into simple, scannable notes: birds, bikes, cars, stars, places, planes, trains or UFOs!
Version 6.4 released on 7/10/2017
- Sketch & handwrite notes
- Maps
- Audio recording
- Typed notes
- Full screen photos
- Pinch/Zoom photos
- Search and filter
- Add/Edit/Rename groups
- Color notes
- Neon and standard sketcher
- Attachment scanner
- Available for iPad!

- Ultra-responsive inking
- Thumbnail previews
- Passcode protection
- Touch ID note lock/unlock
- Cool audio LEDs
- Paper backgrounds
- Email notes
- Email PDF
- Help
- Device to device note share
- Cloud sharing; export to Dropbox

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What users are saying about notepiler
"Visually stunning, Simply Beautiful. Easy to Customize labels etc. A Dream to use and lovable"

- internationalpro via AppStore

"This app is amazing. Using it for things I never dreamed of! Even made a scoreboard out of it for my daughter's softball games."

- Cyndney via AppStore

"Smart and sweet. This is an app with cool features and looks, topped with quick support."

- Kiddu via AppStore



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v6.4.0 Released 7/10/2017