Mars … By Monorail!
Turns out, those "canals" on Mars were turnouts.

From its spaced-out, 3D graphics and 3D audio to its unique space models and vehicles, iRunTrains on Mars 2.2.2 is unlike anything else on the App Store. This Onomaly and Code-Puppy Software collab let's you explore the mystique of the Red Planet by monorail, right from your iPad! Fully control your futuristic, space trains across Mars. Same fun as its Earth-based sibling, but it’s all-new, featuring original models, 3D sound, trains, controls and scenery. Did we mention that it’s only 1.99 USD?

Mind the mining cars on Mars or gather gravel on Ganymede as Jupiter looms large in the sky!
- Control 3 maglev trains!
- Stunning 3D Graphics
- Mars and Jupiter bases!
- Watch vehicles from any angle
- Realistic 3D sounds
- Otherworldly dashboard
- Selectable crater backdrop
- Bases, vehicles & astronauts!
- Multifunction view selector
- Help overlay for controls
- Train-tracking views
- Mars landers fly overhead
- Add/Subtract/Edit your cars
- Winding monorail track
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Don't let Curiousity have all the fun. Explore the Red Planet today on your iPad!

Meanwhile, back on Earth
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Travel to Mars or Jupiter's moon Ganymede in version 2.0! These trains are literally out of this world!

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