Ancient iOS Developers Are Real
Look at what you’ve unearthed.

In 2007, we camped out for the iPhone launch. When Apple unveiled plans for the App Store in 2008, we were hit with a startling revelation: this is the dawn of a new epoch. That year, we resigned from scientific, "skunkworks" software careers here and bootstrapped Onomaly Extraterrestrial Software.

We’ve been creating unique, emotive, entertaining, enlightening, and non-addicting apps on iOS since 2008. And that’s no conspiracy.

Flight Crew


Founder. Codes design and designs code. Earned BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering and MS in Computer Science. Tightly tethered to the cosmos


Support. Not so ancient astronaut. Grit… all the way down


Watcher. Like Schrödinger’s cat, he’s a real paradox
We invent, develop and support neat things from a stealthy base in Peoria, IL