We operate in a different space
Apple introduced the iPhone. We were mesmerized by that beautiful, brilliant device -- even before our campout to get one.

Apple launched the App Store; the economy launched the Great Recession. ‘Smartphone’ … ‘apps’ — just squishy new words, back then. That year we resigned from successful, scientific, "skunkworks" software careers here; set up headquarters in a bedroom over the garage; and bootstrapped Onomaly with our life savings. We became one of the world's very first mobile app developers.

“Dream, then deliver”

Flight Crew


Our [redacted] who crafts our code and artwork, started life as an artist. He earned a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Computer Science


Happily off-the-grid, [redacted] curmudgeon who is now [redacted]


Like [redacted] [redacted], he’s a real [redacted]
We invent, develop and support neat things from a stealthy base in Peoria, IL