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iRunTrains, the original, 3D hobby train simulator for the iPad has been updated with version 4.0.2. iRunTrains is fun for any age and perfect for enthusiasts and novices alike. With its stunning Retina graphics, amazing views and touch controls, there’s nothing else like iRunTrains on the iPad! Onomaly co-developed this app with Code-Puppy Software!

  • Watch, run and ride your trains
  • No big setup or learning curve; drive trains as soon as the app starts!
  • You have full control of the trains with Intuitive train controls. You throttle, brake, and reverse each of the trains!
  • You have manual or dynamic views of the action through a full touch gesture-based interface
  • 3D Audio for each train! Chugging, bells, horns, and whistles...oh the magnificent cacophony!
  • 18 Different track sets
  • Choose from several diesel or steam engines; run multiple trains at the same time!
  • Add, remove or change your train cars and switch your tracks
  • Seaside or valley settings with loading docks, buildings, bridges and lighthouses
  • No points, scores, or end game, just enjoy the rails!
  • Stunning 3D Graphics
  • 18 Different track sets
  • Control your view with full touch gestures
  • Pinch to zoom
  • Drag to change view angle
  • Tap to pan
  • Change the tracks
  • Change the scenery
  • Ride the engine or caboose
  • Hide the controls
  • Put your photos on the billboard
  • Turn switch control box
  • Engine smoke & steam!
  • Edit engines and cars!
  • Control multiple trains
  • Hideaway interface
  • Realistic 3D sounds
  • Ring the bells
  • Blow the whistles, and horns
  • Also available on the iPhone!

See them side-by-side
  • Control your trains
  • Choose your engines and train cars
  • Speed it up/slow it down!
  • Stop it/reverse it
  • Change the track switches
  • Tilt/Zoom/Pivot the table
  • Hop off trains into the rail yard!
  • Turn switch control box
  • Selectable ocean backdrop
  • Sea with tide & waves
  • Multifunction view selector
  • Photo on boxcars!
  • Help overlay for controls
  • Pick terrain texture/color
  • Views that track your train
  • Save session settings
  • Hot air balloons sail overhead
  • Highly configurable
  • Train acceleration/deceleration
  • Collision detection
  • Derailment detection
  • Movings clouds
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iRunTrains Lite

Download iRunTrains today for your iPad!
Ride those rails! Run those trains! Version 4.0 video
Version 3 video
Version 2 video
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