The thought of being a sole, sentient species got you down?
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Are we alone? Where is everybody? DrakeEQ HD (v6.0.1) invites you to partake in a highly visual thought experiment using the stunningly elegant Drake Equation to help answer those very enigmatic questions.

With the equation coupled to a mesmerizing Milky Way in motion, DrakeEQ HD computes civilization count and positions these civilizations in 3D space — computing the average distances between them.

The Drake Equation primarily allows scientists to quantify the uncertainty of the factors which determine the number (N) of “intelligent” extraterrestrial civilizations contained in our galaxy.

N = R* X fp X ne X f X fi X fc X L

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  • Precision control for fractionals
  • Variable star color
  • Run a configurable passage of time simulation and watch colonies expand and contract
  • Activate a quasar from the Milky Way's black hole, Sagittarius A*
  • Display average distance between civilizations
  • Highlight the solar system
  • Enter any value or "quick pick" commonly accepted low, medium, and high guesstimates for each parameter
  • Enter parameter values with keyboard or use pop ups to fine-tune results
  • Change star system colors
  • Tweet results on Twitter
  • Ideal thought experiment tool!

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N = R* X fp X ne X fℓ X fi X fc X L

N: number of civilizations in our galaxy with which communication is possible
R*: yearly average of star formation
fp: fraction of those stars that have orbiting planets
ne: average number of planets (or moons) that can support life per star with planets
fl: fraction of above that actually proceed to develop life
fi: fraction of above that actually proceed to develop intelligent life
fc: fraction of civilizations that are able to transmit signals into space
L: length of time in years that civilizations are able to transmit signals into space
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Are we alone? Take a guess with DrakeEQ HD and the Drake Equation!